Wood - Pouch Bag

  Our smallest bag is a stylish pouch-sized accessory that is perfect for storing all your small essentials. Despite its compact size, it offers ample space to carry your everyday items, with a design that is sure to turn heads.


  • Wood: Rose Wood
  • Body: Genuine Leather
  • Lining: Fabric
  • Parts: Aluminum


  • Body 10 x 18.6 cm 
  • Bag Bottom 4 cm (Openable 7 cm)


  We have developed a unique wood that offers increased elasticity and flexibility, making it ideal for sewing together with fabric and leather without any cracking. Additionally, this wood is capable of bending without leaving any marks. In our selection, we have included Rosewood, which boasts a stunning array of colors and unique patterns. This wood is the perfect complement to any product that requires a touch of natural beauty and durability.

( Please note that import tax is not included)

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