The First Luxury Leaf, Wood, and Stone Bags

The Winner of Vogue who's on next 2017

FORREST won this prestigious awards with this collection.


Our preserving and compressing techniques make the moss dial last forever. We grow the moss by ourselves, and due to it being a natural material, the color of each one will be different from one another.

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Black Walnut Wood

  Crafted with a stunning combination of materials, this Black Walnut version of the watch features a beautiful burned reddish-brown color that perfectly complements the copper stainless steel case. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the rich character and natural beauty of dark wood.

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Marble Stone

   Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of the midnight sky, this timepiece features a rare and elegant dark blue case color that is seldom seen in the watch industry. To complement this unique color, we have carefully chosen a deep blue strap interwoven with black-grey stone, creating a stunning visual effect that transports the wearer to a new dimension of tranquility and blissful ultramarine hues. If you appreciate the calming allure of blue shades, this timepiece is an absolute must-have for your collection.

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Meet our real leaf bag

with our preserving and finishing technique

Wood bags

Our wood can be sewn together with fabric and leather.

Stone bags

it has a little sparkle and rough texture.

Mini Backpack

The smallest bag comes in iPad Air or textbook size that can fit all your small everyday belongings with style.

Shoulder bag

Our medium size bag comes in 13" laptop or document size. The shoulder bag suits working men and women who know great design.


Our biggest bag comes in backpack size that can fit everything with eye-catching design.

Three combinations

Leaf, Wood, and Stone

European Full grain leather

We use different leather texture to suit each of our natural materials. 

Original bag parts

All the bag parts are especially designed only for this collection as we believe that this is the best and only way to display the design of nature and its quality.

Function meets style

Our bag has many compartments, so you can easily manage all your belongings.

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